Founder, Brand Stylist & Strategist

Never one to be put in a box, Gaynor loves the freedom being an entrepreneur has given her to live a rich and creative life.

Before branding became her heart and soul, Gaynor was knee deep in the social media industry, spending more time at Tullamarine airport than Flinders St Station, presenting nation-wide advanced courses for NET:101, Australia’s largest provider of social media education, whilst also consulting and training clients one-on-one.

Gaynor was also an account manager for clients such as Coca Cola in the recruitment industry; and also the Quality Assurance Manager for Impact Digital, where she successfully secured ISO quality assurance certifications over four consecutive years.

Other feathers in her beret include: PR, travel writing, blogging, a style expert for Cointreau, and being a beauty editor where one of her columns landed her as a finalist at the industry Star Awards alongside Madison Magazine for best beauty visual.

Sandi Sieger >

Copywriter & Content Marvel

Sandi started writing when she was six years old. She has the first journal she ever wrote in, which declared, ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer,’ and included sentiments such as, ‘If some kid ever beat me in a running race, I’d probably bash them up.’

Sandi is now a writer based in Melbourne. She is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of Onya Magazine, an online Australian lifestyle magazine she founded in 2009, as well as a Forbes Travel Guide Correspondent. In 2011, Sandi founded The Melbourne Writers’ Club.

When not writing, editing or Instagramming her breakfast, Sandi can be found co-ordinating Camp Awakenings, a personal development program for Australian teenagers.

Sandi plans to remain blissfully content, rebellious and passionate for her entire life. She is not usually very far away from her iPhones (yes, plural) and Moleskine notebooks (yes, plural). She loves seeing ink marks around her forefinger and has a terrible habit of making lists.


Wonder Woman Web Developer

Super smart and savvy, we fell in love with Honey (well, with a name like that she does kind of have you at hello) because time and time again, she gets the job done to perfection with Wonder Woman efficiency.

With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology under her belt, Honey honed her web dev prowess working with web development agencies whilst simultaneously passionately devoting herself to her craft in her own time.

With way too many web developers compromising businesses by not delivering on time with a never ending string of broken promises, Honey has proved herself to us over and over to be a true and rare gem.

Whether you need a website from scratch, or updates to your current website with your new brand styling and strategy from Air Creative, you can be assured you will be given an itinerary that will be stuck to, just like honey to a bee.